Right-wingers are blinded by log in their eyes

A May 5 letter writer had it right when he called out The Maui News for printing right-wing, illogical fearmongering letters and columns. And to prove the point, two letters later, another one of those letters shows up.

An example of the twisted logic, the second letter writer writes, “We don’t need to build a network of tyrannical laws and taxes to force civility on society.” Then he goes on to write about issues his party has repeatedly tried to pass laws to force that view of civility on society: laws to ban abortions, equal rights to marriage and same-sex couples raising children.

The right-wingers moan about the right to life but love guns, the death penalty and starting wars despite the Ten Commandments’ prohibition of killing.

Methinks the log in their eyes has blinded them.

Gail Nagasako