Sharing local knowledge could prevent drownings

In this past year, the state of Hawaii, more specifically Kauai, has seen a horrific increase in visitor drownings.

And after reviewing the material presented, it clearly states that visitors have this sense of awe with the beauty of the islands, therefore creating a false sense of security, which translates to exploring areas where locals won’t even go.

We, as a state of aloha, need to educate the visitors if we come into contact with them.

When a visitor drowns, it’s devastating to all involved – from the first responder to family.

So, with that being said, let’s provide face-to-face meetings with visitors if presented the opportunity to do so.

A life saved from your local knowledge to a visitor showing no understanding of a beach break is a very honorable act.

Be safe and remember – when in doubt, don’t go out.

Lexi Kapono Almeida