Society is best served by traditional marriage

An April 24 letter writer lamented that one of the 200 or so proposals scheduled for review, one bill was absent – the one dealing with the civil interest of same-sex marriage. He then says that though same-sex civil unions provide very similar benefits, it’s about the issue of equality.

Equality does not mean sameness. Same-sex marriage can never be equal to traditional marriage (between one man and one woman) because the procreative aspect is missing.

As good as two men might be at raising a child, they can never be a mother. Likewise for two women, they can never be a father. It is a grave injustice to deprive a child from his or her biological parents. Society has a very real interest, therefore, in preserving traditional marriage.

Love is more than a feeling. Traditional marriage reveals love where the spouses give themselves completely, faithfully, fruitfully. Marital love is building a life together that brings forth the next generation.

Although not every couple can conceive children, traditional marriage is society’s best means of ensuring children are born into intact families and raised by the parents who created them. Studies repeatedly show the damage done to children of divorce. Does this not indicate the necessity of both a father and a mother? If our concern is truly for our children, let us acknowledge the special, unique place traditional marriage holds in society, support it, preserve it and not try to redefine it.

Mary Mishima