State workers put on notice about bad behavior

Attention state workers of Maui: I’m writing to the paper instead of to your boss.

In times like this, where jobs are scarce and people are hungry and readily next in line for your job, may I strongly impress that you be at your best.

I have witnessed poor behavior and exhibitions of nonsense on the roadsides and while driving state vehicles.

I have been extremely tempted to call your boss and clearly show pictures from my phone and recordings of foul language, but have not.

Instead, I employ you to realize how lucky you are to have your well-paying job with full benefits and to change and correct your extremely putrid bad behavior, pronto.

You know who you are.

This is a first and only warning.

Shape up, Maui state employees, you live in a day and age where your poor behavior is easily documented.

On the upside, cheers to the handheld stop/go sign traffic director, whether a part-time hire or not. I love how you direct the traffic while doing the bending-of-the-knees hula move, kaholo and arms out pointing, bringing a smile to every passerby.

Faith Ewbank