Stop printing those stupid, right-wing diatribes

Once again, The Maui News printed another right-wing diatribe by Jonah Goldberg (Opinion, April 28).

This time Goldberg links all the latest bad news to liberals. He revises history to make any association – no matter how distant – with anybody evil, part of a conspiracy between liberals and the Unibomber, cop killers, mass murderers, peace activists and journalists.

The right wing, including the Tea Party, is losing America. It is losing women, progressive white males, educated voters, the youth, Hispanic and black voters and our next generation of voters because it fails to present an argument for its cynical politics and endless knee-jerk calls for invasions, austerity when we need jobs and its war on women and immigrants.

If Goldberg and The Maui News, which prints his stupidity, want us to believe in their whining and conspiracy theories, then it gives us another reason to read the The Honolulu Star-Advertiser or The New York Times online where we can find real news and opinion.

Lance Holter