Stop the free ride for owners of electric cars

As the owner of a gasoline-powered car, I totally agree with a May 1 letter writer’s criticism of the free ride that the electric car owners are getting, to wit: Why should we have to pay for their cars’ fuel?

To make it even more disgusting, why should the electric car owners be exempt from playing the gasoline fuel taxes which the rest of us have to pay every time we fill up our cars with gas – taxes that are used to build roads and highways; taxes that are needed to repair them and to fill up the myriad potholes that jolt us awake when we’re not paying attention to our driving.

With so many potholes waiting to greet us every day, the blame game is alive and well. Administration officials say, “It’s not the mayor’s fault”; political supporters say, “It’s not the County Council’s fault”; most motorists say, “It’s the asphalt.”

William T. Kinaka