Stop trucks from spewing trash along highways

On May 17, I witnessed, for the second time, a very sad sight on Maui.

I was behind a truck belonging to one of Maui’s trash collection companies. Although haphazardly covered with a tarp, the truck continuously spewed trash from mid-Kihei all the way along Mokulele Highway to the collection site on Pulehu Road. The trash blew from above and beneath the tarp.

This is a company trusted with collecting and disposing of trash on our island. Instead it is carelessly spreading bags, papers, trash along our highways. Sad.

These are the same roads volunteers throughout the island so painstakingly clean and clear. The same roads on which a tourist gets his first peek at island life.

I followed the truck to the landfill, hoping to alert the driver. He shrugged his shoulders and indicated that since the truck was covered, it was not his problem.

I have told this story to several friends and some of them say they have witnessed the same careless defacement of our island.

Shame on this Maui trash collection company and any trash collector who does this. Maui should have tough laws against this kind of abuse – and enforce them.

Toni Polancy