Support urged for probe into IRS’ actions

As we are learning of the Internal Revenue Service abuse of power in information gathering on the 501(c)4 status of Tea Party and other groups around the country, I urge all readers to support the investigation into this matter.

Regardless of political positions, the federal government using one of its most-feared agencies to thwart political opposition and thought is truly frightening for every American.

As the vice president of Tea Party Maui for the past three years, I was part of the team that was charged with answering the Jan. 26, 2012, request for information that ran six pages, single-spaced, with 29 separate questions, many with subsets which included requests for information on the activities of members of our families. We were given a deadline of Feb. 16.

Ultimately, the American Center for Law & Justice assisted us in our dealings with the IRS pro bono. At the time, they were also assisting several dozen other groups. Shortly after the IRS was contacted by the ACLJ on our behalf, the 501(c)4 status was granted without comment.

Please support the investigation into the conduct of the IRS. Call or write to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Sen. Mazie Hirono and Sen. Brian Schatz.

Transparency matters if we are to trust our government.

Tim Means