Teen not comfortable with airport X-ray machines

I was very uncomfortable when going to the airport recently when I was directed to step into an X-ray machine.

I’ve seen these machines on the news, and the images they produce which are quite revealing. The images that I see on the television had to be censored because they depicted naked people. As a teenage girl, I am not comfortable with having my naked image digitally stored at the Transportation Security Administration. Of course, officials say that they erase them and only trained personnel look at these highly graphic images, but it still doesn’t stop me from feeling some sort of uneasiness.

I can bear the inconvenience of having to remove my shoes and place my computer in a separate container. However, I also had to get patted down by one of the agents because of a hair clip.

After this somewhat disturbing experience of being patted down, I regained my nerves and proceeded on my way to my flight. With our country’s history of terroristic threats and unspeakable past occurrences, I think that every TSA agent deserves to be treated with cooperation and respect.

I really hope that someday we will be able to get on a plane and be able to enjoy peaceful traveling without having our privacy invaded.

Danielle Brown