True agenda of council chairwoman is revealed

Well, the truth finally surfaces concerning Council Chairwoman Gladys Baisa’s real agenda.

We all know she headed a nonprofit organization, Maui Economic Opportunity, for 22 years before running for office, and her stated goal was to be a lobbyist for nonprofit organizations, and now she wants to raise property taxes to “provide more funds to nonprofit organizations” (The Maui News, May 1).

So it comes as no surprise that she pulled out all the stops and resorted to gutter politics in her unfair attack on fellow Council Member Mike White’s proposed $551 million county budget that holds the line on raising property taxes and keeps current levels of funding for nonprofit organizations.

Her use of the term “Draconian” to describe her opinion of White’s proposed budget is nonprofit propaganda at its worst and name-calling at best.

The term Draconian is defined as “exceedingly harsh, very severe, cruel” and is credited to the seventh-century B.C. Greek law giver Draco, who ordered the death penalty for even minor offenses.

If White’s proposed budget in fact was Draconian, then it would include no public funds for any nonprofit organization ever again.

More than a half a billion dollars must be collected from tourists, local citizens, business and property owners next year just to fund the obligations already promised by our generous public servants.

It’s easy to give away other people’s money. It’s the basic plank of socialism, and it is destroying our country and our county.

Mark Kanae Smith