Two proper responses by different police forces

Two shooting stories in the news recently were shocking.

In Boston, police who were trying to take the alleged bomber alive poured about a hundred bullets into the boat the bomber was hiding in. He was unarmed. And he lived. Good job, Boston police. The event will be studied in police academies from now on. I think the shooting up of that boat was an error, but, no harm done except to a perfectly good boat.

And here on Maui, somehow, the Spreckelsville golf course shooter survived his arrest too. This guy allegedly shot golfers and a responding officer. And yet, there he is, jailed, disarmed, alive, not even shot.

I guess we shouldn’t really compare the actions of the two police departments. In Boston, there was a threat the extent of which was unclear, with the thought of catastrophic terrorism on the minds of everyone. So, the whole group opened fire. There but for the grace of God, right?

But, on Maui, police acted with unbelievable restraint and executed their job perfectly, when one might have expected a much different outcome.

Congratulations to both police departments on good and proper outcomes. We owe these men and women our respect and gratitude. And when there are mistakes, and even when there are misdeeds, we need to have a good and patient understanding of their actions and what kinds of challenges they face just about every moment of every day on the job.

Rick Tolin