Union actions costing health care jobs on Maui

It is scary. I know, I have done it – changing jobs. What if it is really hard and I can’t learn it? Can I do the job at all?

I know the answer to it: You can do it. It is both challenging and very rewarding. Banner Health will not be throwing people out on the streets, taking their jobs from them. Yes, some people may have to have additional training. Who cares? Banner pays people while they train. Maybe people are bored with their jobs anyway?

When we stop sending patients to Oahu we will absolutely need every employee we have and then a whole lot more to run a large hospital. Those studying nursing on Maui, this includes you.

These people want to help us. Please watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrdyx5p5xs4&feature=em-share_video_user.

Shame on the Hawaii Government Employees Association for fighting against a new hospital. It is the union that is costing us our Maui health care jobs. HGEA sends these jobs to Oahu, along with our patients who must go there for care.

Watch for my next letter: I will tell which politicians let our community down. I will tell who played the “we need a task farce” game. We already had a “task farce,” which Sen. Roz Baker then ignored. It’s a political game where the union runs the government by endorsing certain candidates who then vote the way the union wants. These politicians pretend to care about us.

Jan Shields

Kahana / San Marcos, Calif.