Volunteers, employees doing good work at MCCC

I thank all volunteers and employees of the Maui Community Correctional Center. Many are striving to reach a greater achievement for all of us and to protect our County of Maui.

Religious Services offers support programs and studies with volunteers who counsel, network and provide valuable services in the facility. They help to reduce stress to inmates and staff. As we build with willing and capable volunteers, many will face challenges and risks and many solutions can be achieved through partnerships in the county.

Positive attitudes with encouraging words will sustain each program.

Let us maintain a healthy atmosphere and relationship between family, friends, community and society.

Understanding that we can create places and programs of healing within the boundaries of MCCC, we must also include early intervention, prevention and after-care that promote success at all transitions in the community.

The chaplaincy staff thanks the many construction volunteers and the work line that participated in the renovation of the “Haven,” which offices the religious counselors and assistant chaplains. We welcome qualified volunteers to apply for the June 26-27 training. Religious volunteers may inquire with Staff Chaplain Henrietta Pua Hashimoto at 281-9390 afternoons Mondays through Fridays.

Henrietta Pua Hashimoto