Water bills higher since frequency was changed

Has anyone else noticed an interesting anomaly ever since the Department of Water Supply went from bimonthly to monthly billing?

I naturally assumed that each bill would be about half of the previous two-month bills. For some reason, though, it doesn’t seem to be working that way.

The six bimonthly bills I received (covering one full year) prior to the change averaged $235, or about $117.50 per month. Since the change, my last two monthly bills have averaged $147 per month, or about a 25 percent increase.

Nothing has changed in my household. I haven’t washed my cars or altered the sprinkler settings. So what gives?

I know the mayor had talked about a 5 percent rate hike, but I don’t believe that rate increase has been approved as yet. I’d certainly like to hear if anyone else has noticed a similar inexplicable increase.

Michael Blaz