Water source is essential when designing dog park

I sent information years ago to the county when the idea of a dog park was first started.

My dog has since died.

Dog walkers have been told they need to provide, design and pay for the water source for the new dog park in Makawao. All literature I have seen as to dog parks say a water source is mandatory. Fountains for owners as well as dogs are required. It is cruelty to animals for the county to design a designated dog area and not even provide a water source.

Water can be used in the event dogs fight and should an owner try to stop them they may be bitten.

I feel the design of the current proposed park lacks in safety issues concerning water. It puts undue burden on dog owners to finance and develop a source when this is clearly a county park paid for by county funds.

All animal owners deserve a properly designed and setup dog park by the parks department in this area.

If the county does not develop a source, I feel the park cannot be opened without a defined water source. This is against federal and state guidelines as to lack of water in dog parks.

Dennis Fitzpatrick