We need to work together to keep our land clean

What happened to malama ka aina?

We live on such a beautiful island but yet there is opala everywhere.

I live in Kahakuloa, taking that 30-minute oceanview drive on Kahekili Highway every day. The scenery is stunning, but along the roadside are bottles, cans and other trash scattered everywhere.

My ohana adopted the highway many years ago. Once a quarter, we get together to pick up other people’s litter. It’s not a surprise the next day when we’re driving home and see litter on the ground. Although it feels good to take care of the land, it’s frustrating to know that this can all be avoided if the people in our community would throw away their own trash. It saddens me to think that our own people don’t want to keep our land clean so they throw their rubbish out of their car windows.

Let’s all work together to keep our land clean. With everyone’s help we can make our community a better place to live. It’s not hard a hard task to complete. We just have to make the right decisions.

So, let’s all be pono and do what is right.

Jrae Viela