Another side to the story of inquiries by IRS

There’s always another side to stories you read in the media. When you see the political hacks in both parties in Washington, D.C., strutting in front of the cameras putting on a big show, you should know to look behind the curtain.

As the then-president of the original Hawaii TEA Party, I filed the 501(c)4 and received two letters from the Internal Revenue Service sent to my home. Even though I had already resigned by the time I received them, they were addressed to me.

I resigned primarily because I refused to be a pawn of the Hawaii Republican Party in the 2010 primary and elections.

One of the questions asked about state Republican Party leadership involvement with the newly reformed TEA Party Maui by the IRS seemed relevant to me. The most chilling fact was the IRS knew all about the connection of the two groups.

I know firsthand that Saul Alinsky tactics are alive and well used by both sides. Karl Rove wrote the playbook on how to use the Tea Partys then undermine the leadership of those that would not play ball, like me.

Republican candidates knew about the IRS letters. Ask them why all the fake outrage now months later. You can see I’m an equal opportunity offender when it comes to the buffoons in Washington. So not many friends in those circles.

Brett Glass

Aransas Pass, Texas