Armed teacher is no hero, he’s a dangerous fool

No, a teacher who brings a gun to his classroom is not a hero (Letters, June 3). He is a dangerous fool.

If he worries about his personal safety, endangering the lives of the children around him is still not acceptable. Where would this loaded gun be kept? Most classrooms are equipped with a teacher’s desk that has a drawer that can be locked. Those little inquisitive minds would eventually find a way past the $2 lock.

Would he remove the gun from its locked location every time he went to the bathroom, the teachers’ lounge, the playground, etc., and carry it somewhere on his person? Is he planning on wearing a holster for those occasions? A gun in a locked drawer is of dubious value with only a few seconds to size up the situation.

A semiautomatic machine gun with hundreds of rounds of ammunition brought into the Newtown school vastly outmatches any pistol the teacher would likely have. He would have to arm himself with an assault weapon.

No principal would allow an unskilled person to have a firearm at school, so he could start shooting at his own prerogative, endangering kids and adults in his classroom as well as neighboring classrooms. Police arriving wouldn’t know if he is good guy or a bad guy.

Let’s stop the silly talk and leave the teaching to trained teachers, and shooting at criminals to trained law enforcement officers.

Robert W. Martin