Beachgoers are put at risk by unleashed dogs

I was at a Wailea Beach recently enjoying a day with my family and my three young boys. This was until two out of three unleashed large dogs came after my boys at different times, ruining our experience.

After one of the dogs came pouncing into the ocean after my boys and I asked the owner to get him out and asked why he wasn’t on a leash, she said, “It’s OK.” No, it’s not OK, I told her.

The other time, my 6-year-old was simply running on the beach and a dog “tried to play with him” the owner said, after he ran after him. Thankfully nothing happened this time to my children or anyone else’s.

We are local residents here. My family has always enjoyed going to the beach, and we’ve before felt safe.

Small or large, friendly or more aggressive, if your dogs are not leashed, Maui County needs to do something about this or ban animals from the beach.

Bridgette Okamoto