Believers can’t explain botched process

People believe that while one individual life on Earth may be tragic, the afterlife will be glorious. Others agree that individual lives are tragic but that humanity is evolving into something finer and more joyful. Still others believe that the soul puts out various personalities during its saga of reincarnation. Eventually, they say, a more perfect being evolves – a being whose soul and personality are one. Others go beyond that, claiming that anchorage of spirit in material form on Earth is the planned outcome of all of this travail, sorrow and striving.

But there are also those who claim that not only the individual but the whole species represents a tragic drama. Civilizations come and go. Gods come and go. Hopes, dreams, aspirations, desires, come and go. But the world is not now more superior than ancient societies or those framed only in legend. Man himself, in terms of consciousness, rectitude and integration, is far from being superior to golden ages, and is nowhere near the endurance of significantly more light.

Finally, there are those who simply trust in an almighty God. They can’t explain the botched process, the darkness, the evil, the seemingly haphazard misery, but they trust that all is positive and for their benefit. They never question the nature of this playwright. They faintly believe one side of the issue, and conveniently deny the obvious shadows. They are quick to blame us and to forgive him.

Raphael O’Suna