Building at Baldwin Beach should be put to use

The County of Maui has a building at Baldwin Beach Park in Paia that has generated enormous expenses due to poor judgment on the part of the then-administration, which included millions of dollars in court costs that have, no doubt, been the cause for fee increases in many different areas in order to try recover efforts to rebalance the county books.

Of course, that didn’t discourage wage increases for the council members at the same time the burden on the taxpayers was increasing.

I think the county should consider leasing the building out for special projects including film productions, which seem to be something that is being considered for the Maui economy. At least that will help to generate revenue to offset the prior costs rather than just demolishing the building without trying to recover losses and create more of a burden to we the people, who always gets stuck with the bill every time a costly decision is made.

Henry Kahula Jr.