DMV could use Internet to better serve public

Recently a friend who lives in Denver had to renew her driver’s license at the Division of Motor Vehicles. Here’s how she avoided a long wait: She made an appointment online, walked in at the appointed hour, checked in and was called by the next available clerk.

Why can’t we do this here? If people don’t have Internet access at home they could use a terminal at the public library – for free. Perhaps there could even be a terminal at the Motor Vehicle and Licensing Division so people can make a future appointment with a short visit, not an hourslong one.

You can see how Colorado DMV does it: First Google “Renew Colorado Drivers License,” which has a link to the DMV website –; then click on Department of Revenue – Division of Motor Vehicles: Driver’s License Locations, then Smart Start and DMV Appointment Scheduler. And there you have it.

They also offer the option of renewing your license online, but after reading stories in The Maui News about how Maui government infrastructure is some 30 years behind in computer technology, that’s probably too much to ask.

Kathleen Kastles