Don’t make WMSA fall guy for Wailuku’s many woes

Should government waste and corruption be blamed on the Wailuku Main Street Association? Over the years, several petitions were sent to the Mayor’s Office about removing the self-serving director of WMSA by 14 of the businesses in Wailuku, including one sent Dec. 14, 1992.

WMSA’s $2.2 million came from the incompetent County Council by way of the incompetent Planning Department, which needed engineers but hired decorators, so one thing needed from WMSA was supposed architects.

The County Council hired WMSA to preserve the blighted area’s historic fantasy instead or solving dangerous problems. In reality, Wailuku is a notorious, crime-infested bunch of termite-infested hobo shacks.

Remember the 12 historic arson fires that burned down everything from the Catholic church to McDonald’s? Then there were the historical Vineyard Tavern fights and murders, like when two guys took a woman from the tavern; and the historic bust of the Iao Theater for “Deep Throat”; and every night at the public housing 50-man drug fights to the sound of broken glass and police sirens?

Then, in Wailuku’s heyday, historical sugar mill smoke stench, blasting horns all night and everything covered in black soot.

WMSA preserved all this and more.

The capital of the best island in the world has lost $50 million in parking, has 20 vacant lots, 16 vacant stores and 19 nonprofits that get $20 million a year to turn Wailuku into a sewage plant for dysfunctional crackheads, crazies and criminals. Stop blaming the fall guy, WMSA.

John Noble