Dumping unwanted animals illegal, inhumane

As the owner of a small nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to keeping community cats in the community and out of the overcrowded shelter, I often field calls from the general public concerning their cat problems.

Recently, a nice lady called to ask for assistance spaying and neutering the feral cats that were invading her property.

I asked her what her intention was toward these animals who were the products of irresponsible owners leaving them behind or failing to execute population control on their own pets. She said she would like to find them a nice place to drop them off. She thought this was a good and humane solution to the problem.

This being kitten season, she is being overwhelmed by a population explosion and the cats have gone from being cute to being a nuisance in the year she has been feeding them and not fixing them.

It was with great patience I explained to her that what she thought was a humane solution to her cat problem was actually inhumane and a misdemeanor and punishable by up to a year in jail.

Animals already living in that area have their own society and hierarchy. New, strange animals are most often expelled from the group, leaving them defenseless, starving and alone. If they stay, they impact the colony by vying for food, water and space, creating stress, fighting and potential deaths.

Please do not dump your unwanted animals. It is not only against the law but inhumane.

Leslie Farnel