Government spying is scary as well as an invasion

I have been reading with interest the story regarding our government, which has been spying on all of us. The story broke because Edward Snowden, who had gone to work for a National Security Agency contractor and felt he had to tell the American public what he had seen going on while working there.

Folks, this is not just an invasion of privacy, it’s also scary. The government says that it just looks for something that looks like a terroristic act but let’s get real – it also can look at anything and everything about us as well.

People in Utah had heard rumors that a facility in Bluffdale with very tight security had been built by the government and the rumor was that it was a complex called “Big Brother” that was built specifically, for keeping tabs on all of us for our government.

So, what Snowden did was just confirm our suspicions, which we had talked about as a maybe but now know is true. Everything we do or say can be dealt with as the government so chooses. Our government has gotten too big and people tend to be so gullible they believe all the crap the government feeds to us, like saying this has been very transparent. But the only ones it’s transparent to is the government, which has kept all this a secret from us.

Marilyn Godfrey