It takes a village to fix roaming cat problem

Every community has free-roaming cats.

Advocates of humane treatment of these orphans, abandoned and struggling to survive, are targets for criticism and blame – too many cats; yowling and fighting.

Those of us who care about nature and the cats don’t move the cats unless they are ill or they get adopted.

It takes a village and the solution is so simple. Everyone must clean their yards and maintain harmony for all living critters and people. Spay or neuter them all to stop the breeding and fighting that occur from hormonal competition. Provide clean water and food so that they won’t hunt for food.

Do your part with your property. Fix the cats and you fix the problem. The fixed cats will hunt mice and rats. They claim their home territory. Removing them will make room for more.

Go to to educate yourself on the scope of this.

Donya Izbicki