Landscape maintenance enhances quality of life

In reply to the June 18 letter “Roadside trees are old, rotten and neglected”: Many people care about Maui’s trees – members of the Maui County Arborist Committee, the Maui Association of Landscape Professionals and the Maui Outdoor Circle, to name a few.

Thank you for calling out the issue of ongoing tree care. Correct maintenance of trees and landscaped areas will make or break the most thoughtful landscape design. Hiring an ISA-certified arborist is one way a property owner or developer can keep their trees in good health; another is hiring a maintenance professional with a passion for trees and plants that shows in their work.

While it may be subliminal, beautification and skilled landscape maintenance of our public roadways, parking lots and parks has a direct impact on both residents’ and visitors’ experience here on Maui. Proper tree care and landscape maintenance is not an issue of tree-hugging, it’s an investment in our quality of life and local economy.

Jordan Hart