Mainland corporations should not be running state

Why are we having to be forced to work for Mainland corporations that corner the tourism industry with their resorts here in our islands?

Why do we not at least have a lottery?

Why are the courts and Motor Vehicle & Licensing Division overtaxing the kamaaina and the poor way beyond their working wages? Why does it appear to be that they are trying to penalize and criminalize the poor for being poor?

It is irritating to see how much we are solely dependent on the Mainland and Mainland corporations. Why shouldn’t we have our own source of revenue that we keep here rather then sending it off somewhere else? We are being overtaxed and paying out way too much to be made the middle man by Mainland companies. We need a casino ship or ships that would keep money here in Hawaii and would attract more tourism in an entire different source of revenue.

We need to not allow the resorts that are Mainland-owned to have a monopoly and be able to corner the market on tourism.

Daryljean Hauoli Ka’ahui