Making Maui a no-kill community needs support

We are writing on behalf of Save An Animal, a new grass-roots group of individuals, animal welfare groups and tourists committed to bringing no kill to Maui’s animals.

A no-kill community is where all healthy and treatable dogs, cats and companion animals – including feral/abandoned cats – brought to shelters are given a real chance of living. The only animals dying in a no-kill community are the animals that are suffering, sick or injured with a grave prognosis for medical rehabilitation; and vicious dogs with poor prognosis of behavior rehabilitation.

We believe Maui belongs on the national list of 130 successful no-kill communities, including more than 90 open-admission shelters.

To become a no-kill community we need people dedicated to making this happen. It requires compassion, a willingness to make changes, education, community involvement, more rescue groups, foster homes and proper legislation. Saving animals requires people willing to do the right thing.

Save An Animal invites everyone to participate with us in bringing 21st-century solutions for humane animal population control to our island.

Show your support by visiting our website Click on “What can I do to help” and learn what you can do. Sign up on the website for emails, meeting dates and upcoming events.

Send email to It’s time for everyone to take a stand and save our animals.

Lorraine Askam and

Pamela Miedtke-Wolf