Maui’s natural environment is plagued by neglect

Fortunately, I have traveled much of the world in the past 50 years and, in doing so, have discovered that few places equal the natural beauty of Maui, my island home for 38 years. However, I continue to be extremely disappointed at the continuing and sad conditions of both our state and county roads, the sloppy and unkempt nature of our roadsides and our litter strewn, unmanicured road meridians and the inability of the state and county to create appropriate permit and building standards that complement and foster construction – infrastructure projects that better suit our natural and cultural environment.

Driving from the airport to any destination Maui-wide takes you through a series of shopping centers and box stores that look like carbon-copy America. And the roads/roadsides and meridians do not reflect the world’s best island. We deserve far better as taxpaying citizens, living in such a splendid environment and unfortunately do not, it seems, hold ourselves and/or those responsible for roads and permitting accountable for allowing this sad state of affairs and neglect to continue.

Pride and respect for the land, its people and the manner by which our guests and residents use the land should fuel how it is indeed maintained for social-cultural and economic development for today and the island’s future. What is to be done?

Vincent Linares