Native plants at beach parks need humans’ help

Mahalo to the lifeguards at Kanaha and Hookipa beach parks for the great job they are doing guarding the beach and being goodwill ambassadors for Maui County.

Also, mahalo to the maintenance crews, who have done the best with what resources they have.

However, the native plants at both parks desperately need human assistance to survive and thrive. The milo trees around the volleyball courts at Kanaha are being choked out of existence from too tall and dangerous ironwood trees. The naupaka and pohinahina natives are being taken over by the alien species because of human neglect. The aki aki grass on the dunes at Kanaha are threatened by ironwood seedlings. The view of the ocean from the volleyball courts will be gone because of the ironwood forest.

Please, County of Maui, help our native plants live and thrive at Hookipa and Kanaha beach parks. Also, please give us back our parking spaces at Hookipa.

Ron Lau