No-kill movement is fueled by community desire

In response to a June 15 letter: On behalf of Save An, the no-kill solution for Maui’s animals, I wanted to clarify some points.

First, we have not requested nor petitioned Maui County to put a no-kill law into effect. In Austin, Texas, and other communities where there are no-kill laws, they were not implemented until the community first became successfully no-kill. The national list of no-kill shelters, which grows monthly, does not mean governments have passed laws for this to happen, it means the people of the community made it happen.

Secondly, the no-kill movement is happening nationally because communities can save more animals. Volunteers are willing to work together to bring about this change.

Low-cost spay and neuter is becoming widely available through the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other groups on Maui. Foster homes can allow shelter animals an alternative to euthanasia. Successful no-kill communities often receive immediate community backing with contributions, more volunteers and foster homes.

My own puppy was designated to be euthanized at Maui Humane Society. The Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation (no-kill) took her and fostered her for a year before I saw her outside of Petco for adoption. The sweetest dog ever was saved because no-kill steps saved her life – not laws.

Save An is here to help our community begin the no-kill solution and save animals now being euthanized.

Lorraine Askam