No-kill status a terrible burden on communities

There are a few who believe Maui should pass a law to put itself on the national list of 130 (so-called) successful no-kill animal communities, including more than 90 open-admission shelters.

Now, if you make it against the law to put animals down because no one wants them and there is overpopulation, who will pay for their care? This is such an impractical and burdensome proposal. This will be a horrible burden on the Humane Society, which will need state/county funds to survive financially from the consequences of the law.

No doubt this law will also have many unintended consequences from court decisions brought on by those who wish to enslave us. This is just another attempt of the big government hypocrites to force their agenda on us – all under the guise of being merciful to animals.

Why don’t these people raise money for spay and neuter programs?

Why don’t they fight for a law to make it illegal to kill babies in their mothers’ wombs. God made man to have dominion over the Earth and everything on it. Those who would seek protection of animals from murder should equally clamor for the saving of human life.

Fifty million babies have been murdered since Roe v. Wade was passed 40 years ago.

Thomas Fairbanks