Obamacare panel will be answerable to no one

Turns out Sarah Palin was right when she talked about Obamacare having a “death panel.”

A June 19 article in The Wall Street Journal, “An ObamaCare Board Answerable to No One,” sheds light on the subject.

One of Obamacare’s disturbing features is the “Independent Payment Advisory Board.” The article states: “The IPAB, sometimes called a ‘death panel,’ threatens both the Medicare program and the Constitution’s separation of powers.”

The IPAB will control more than a half-trillion dollars of federal spending annually, with no administrative or judicial review of its decisions. The 15-member IPAB is appointed by the president but can only be fired for neglect of duty or breaking the law.

The IPAB’s goal is to control Medicare spending by making deep cuts while forbidding it to ration care. However, “reducing payments to doctors, hospitals and other health-care providers may cause them to limit or stop accepting Medicare patients, or even to close up shop.”

These cuts will likely limit seniors’ access to care, with the IPAB having no accountability. No matter what nice words the left spins this with, the bottom line is 15 people – be they doctors or not – will decide whether or not folks have access to coverage. “Seniors and providers hit hardest by the board’s decisions will have nowhere to turn for relief – not Congress, not the president, not the courts.”

I agree that the IPAB provision is unconstitutional and must be removed. Better yet, repeal Obamacare altogether.

Bill Botts