Once pristine roundabout in Kihei now an eyesore

I must admit that when the county began construction of its first roundabout in central Kihei a couple of years ago, I was one of the “who needs it” naysayers.

Once it was completed, though, I began to see it as a convenience and a nice addition to the neighborhood. I was impressed with the landscaping of the center island, the carefully planned out pedestrian crosswalks, the long stretches of well-manicured lawns along the three blocks of paved bicycle and walking paths that extended out from the walkway, the benches, the lighting, etc.

Everything was being trimmed and watered and maintained so nicely. Kudos to Mayor Alan Arakawa, I thought – a true feather in the cap of the current administration.

As I drive by and through it now, though, I see a different picture. The vibrant, green, grassy lawn has fallen victim to the usual Kihei dry season and is now browned out – turning a neighborhood positive into a neighborhood negative. The landscaping is not being maintained as well, either.

Surely the county budgeted ongoing maintenance costs (i.e., watering and trimming) when it designed and built the roundabout.

I hope the mayor reads this letter. I’m sure he will not let such a nice South Maui project become an eyesore.

Michael Blaz