Post office a distraction from the real issues

I support the mayor’s actions in removing the Old Wailuku Post Office to make room for new county facilities.

The old building sat for many years, with asbestos, lead and deteriorating wear and tear over the years due to no maintenance. It was an eyesore to many.

The council looking to investigate misuse of funds should spend its time on other areas. Instead of redoing a building more than 50 years old, they should modernize our county. New office space would allow the money from not paying rent to go to the needs of our county. Our roads are horrible, our water system ancient and our government seems slow to respond.

Know that if the council pushes for this needless investigation the voters will respond by hopefully remembering at the ballot boxes who was responsible. This is a political witch hunt for political purposes of council that detracts from the many issues our county has to deal with in the coming months and years.

Dennis Fitzpatrick