Post office fiasco leaves taxpayers holding bag

When the focus of the Old Wailuku Post Office rehabilitation project changed to replacement, legislative review needed to take place because it meant a multimillion-dollar fix.

According to the dictionary, “rehabilitate” means “to restore to good condition, operation or management” while demolish means “to destroy or ruin; tear down.” The Random House thesaurus states that rehabilitate is to “renovate, remake, reconstruct, restore, refurbish, recondition” while demolish is to “destroy, level, raze; tear down.”

Apparently, the Arakawa administration with its wealth of knowledge, believed rehabilitate included replace regardless of whether this meant spending millions of additional dollars to complete the project.

Common sense dictates that a multimillion-dollar change needs County Council approval. Unfortunately, because of this crafty tactic, the County Council and the taxpayer are left holding the bag while questioning what happened.

Greg Kauwe