Question the hypocrisy of those in authority

Why in the world would we need auditors or corporate counsel that can be bought by the highest bidder?

We don’t want people golfing and wining and dining with those they are supposed to be investigating. If we allow one crook in a high position to get away with theft, then everyone else will follow suit.

We need rules and regulations put in place to let lawmakers and those in political positions know they are not above the same laws they create. We need to end the entitlement mentality and force everyone to get dirty in the trenches to prove their character and actions are up to par, as in worthy enough for a position of authority.

If this is a democracy then why is it that we the people are not questioning the hypocrisy of those who claim to be authoritative figures? We are no longer in grade school where we should be told what to do and go along with the program of things just because someone with a title says. We are old enough to question when things are not accurate with a program and analyze and question it until it does make sense and change it.

Stop the inside real estate trading investments and stop those changing laws to line their pockets with kickbacks.

Edward Ka’ahui Jr.