Remember the past, avoid making same mistakes

Years ago, as a University of Hawaii student, I jogged to Waikiki and swam in the natatorium, which was still open then.

The natatorium, an ocean swimming pool, was built as a World War I memorial. The water in this engineering wonder rose and dropped as the tide heaved in and out.

I imagined Duke Kahanamoku swimming there and the moment was magical.

Would we even remember WWI if that memorial wasn’t there?

It was during WWI that an apparition of the blessed Virgin Mary took place at Fatima, Portugal. Mother Mary told the children that the war would end soon (the United States entered the war in 1917), but that a worse one would follow if people didn’t amend their lives.

We know what happened. People failed to change, and World War II started 20 years later.

Today we are being warned again through modern prophets to amend our sinful ways or the next chastisement will be worse.

If World War III breaks out, the County Council and mayor should show integrity by taking a salary of $1 a year each, as tourism and revenues would surely drop.

To avoid a chastisement, the council and mayor should repent and pass an ordinance requiring the council to first vote on pay increases from the Salary Commission before they go into effect.

Let us remember the past and avoid the same mistakes for the future.

Melissa B. Prince