Rude customers indifferent to needs of employee

The Maui News runs stories about behavior, both courteous and discourteous. This is an example of the latter.

I don’t believe the newspaper would name the big-box chain store where this happened if I gave it, but if readers want to know they might check out from the public library Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickel and Dimed.” Ehrenreich went undercover to report on low-wage job conditions and worked at one of these stores.

A cashier needing a break can post a “counter closed” sign. With customers moving through, timing breaks might be difficult. But the public should not make them impossible. In this case, a mob of people who looked like tourists did. Are tourists totally indifferent to the needs of our working people? If so, as Mayor Elmer Cravalho used to say, “Let’s tell them aloooha.”

The lady in question already had about 10 people in line and had posted her sign in full view. Then another group arrived. A young woman in the new group grabbed the sign, passed it up the line and someone tossed it to the cashier. So much for her break, and the line surged forward.

I am ashamed to confess I walked on, not interfering. Maybe next time.

Dave Slocum