Rude stand-up paddlers are putting kids at risk

I have a bone to pick with the adults who are riding stand-up at Cove Park.

Recently, my son and niece, ages 6 and 8, were trying their best to ride 2-foot waves when a man and woman on stand-up were cutting them off, knocking their boards with their paddles and laughing, not even apologizing.

When my dad, who was out knee-deep with them, finally had enough, he spoke up, asking them why they can’t just ride straight in instead of cutting off kids. He got nothing but ignorant, rude and embarrassing comments as though these people controlled who and how people could use Cove Park.

If I am not mistaken, for the last 20 years that I have lived here on Maui, the cove and maybe two other spots are the perfect beginner break – shallow, safe waves for kids to learn how to surf.

It’s a sad day when kids are being knocked around by stand-up paddlers with an attitude who think that this 2-foot wave is their epic ride no matter what little kids they take out on the way. Maybe if you could act your age you would see that this break is for kids, beginners and anyone else who is willing to share it in the best interest of staying safe and encouraging kids to get out and get their surf on.

Sutton Healy