Scouts moving ahead, but need to go another step

Scouting offers great benefits, both practical and psychological. I was a Scout, so I know that life. And the Scouts have taken a great leap forward by deciding to admit boys acknowledged to be gay. I am not, but sympathize with them, as I do with an persecuted minority to which I don’t belong. But if they are not allowed to serve the new generation of Scouts once they reach manhood, it would seem a great fund of potential benefits is wasted.

Apparently the Scouting leadership believes being a gay adult equates with pederasty. I do not believe psychologists would confirm that.

The key question seems to be: When does a boy (acceptable) become a man (unacceptable)? When he receives his Eagle badge? This would seem to mean that the young man will then be told, “Hand in your uniform, badges, etc., and don’t let us find you hanging around our boys.” This despite years of shared companionship and experiences. What a waste.

Perhaps it is time to form the Gay Scouts of America or the Lesbian Scouts of America so that these people can prove that they can benefit our youth without taking advantage of them.

Dave Slocum