Senator loyal to Oahu union ties, not to Maui

In our quest for why we can’t have a hospital that offers all services on Maui, let’s talk about the queen of union puppets, Sen. Roz Baker. She is an expert only in the art of arrogance.

If you look on her website for who endorses her, you will see a list of 24 unions. The only Maui union is the Maui Contractors Association.

What does this mean? I means her loyalty and campaign contributions are state based, Oahu-centric, not Maui based.

Workers at Maui Memorial Medical Center want a good hospital to work in where it isn’t such a struggle to provide care. They want needed supplies and equipment.

Here’s Baker’s trick: She claims to be for Maui. She will say she wants good health care. She dances all around the health care issues, but behind the scenes stays true to her Oahu union ties and blocks Maui from hospitals such as Banner. Baker doesn’t want to publicly say no, so she will approve privatization for public hospitals. Then she will tie a brick around the bill’s neck and throw it in the ocean.

Watch her closely. Actions speak louder than words.

Lastly, are you honest? Do you have common sense? Do you care about the people of Maui? Please, will you run for state Senate in 2016 against Baker? The job is not difficult. Previous experience is not necessary.

Jan Shields

Kahana / San Marcos, Calif.