Senator’s visit to Syria undermines president

Little wars in the Middle East are not small things with more than 800,000 citizens killed since 9/11. These little wars have cost Americans an estimated 6,650 dead, 50,000 wounded and $661 billion.

The Maui News seems to put little importance on the unannounced visit to Syria on May 27 by U.S. Sen. John McCain, giving the story two paragraphs on the May 28 back page.

We have a commander in chief whose responsibility it is to set policy with the advice and consent of the Congress. The president’s current approach is the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the region by 2014, leaving those in the realm to decide their future for themselves – and this includes Syria.

McCain has shied away from calling for U.S. boots on the ground, but his presence (whether you approve or not) will be viewed as supporting those rebelling against an established government. Our free society allows for those elected to the Congress a great deal of latitude, but not when their actions and objectives run contrary to the mission set by the POTUS and the State Department.

David L. Florence