Separating the educational from the political

In the May 30 paper there was a response to my May 22 letter regarding Tea Party Maui’s tax-exempt status. I was responding to a May 18 letter written by a Tea Party Maui official in which he complained that not getting tax-exempt status prevented the group from affecting the elections, not preventing it from doing social welfare.

Nowhere in my letter did I mention

The May 30 letter writer says that Civic Action is a 501(c)4 and that Political Action is a separate organization, but does not say whether it is a 501(c)4. It appears that is clear about separating its educational from its political side. Can Tea Party Maui say the same?

I sincerely doubt that if you asked 100 people at random if the Tea Party is partisan or nonpartisan that very many would answer nonpartisan.

I also think that is no more socialist than the Tea Party is fascist.

Gary Thompson