Teacher being unfairly persecuted is a hero

It is utterly, utterly despicable that the teachers and school administrators at Sandy Hook Elementary who ran and hid are deemed heroes and glorified, yet a teacher at White Elementary School in Wichita, Kan., named Daniel Nagel is facing job loss and one-year imprisonment for taking a proactive approach to protecting his students.

Daniel is facing criminal charges for carrying a concealed pistol while on school property, a school which is deemed a “Gun Free Zone.” Daniel broke the law to better protect his students, a law which is unjust and unconstitutional. Daniel is the type of person we all should strive to emulate, a man willing and able to put his life on the line to protect those which we all hold dear. Willing and able to defend his school and students when no one else would.

This man, Daniel Nagel, is a hero. Not willing to cower and hide in the face of evil but to stand up and engage that evil head-on to protect that which we all hold dear.

Daniel is the type of person I strive to be. I stand with Dan.

Forrest Murdoch