Testing results prove elitists don’t know better

A June 8 letter writer, a member of those who would prefer government to run our lives their way, called to end cane burning.

The intelligentsia dismiss the testimony of kamaaina whose personal life experiences tell them cane burning has had little effect on their health or their loved ones. The elitists know better – of course 88-year-old tutu probably died from pulmonary mumbo jumbo aggravated by cane smoke. Imminently qualified from their retirement easy chair, they can diagnose this without a doctoral degree or any forensic knowledge because they are just so smart.

Those who see themselves as promoting the liberal viewpoint have been trying in many ways to shut the livelihood of thousands down. Obviously, they have sources of income that are independent of the success of Maui’s economy. Why should they care about the working folk?

They lobbied for government invasion.

On May 27, 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency came at their request to test compliance with the Clean Air Act. The study was done at Haleakala National Park. The Maui greenies just knew that Haleakala would surely have cane pollution and they could finally bury Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. in the cane field. Auwe. The study found no cane pollution, only shibai (aka smoke screen vog).

On April 28, The Maui News headline: “Report: Isle air quality state’s best, nets ‘A,'” documenting a study by American Lung Association. Maui is the only island with cane burning with best air in the state.

Thomas Fairbanks