Traffic troubles are foreseen on bypass

The second phase of the Lahaina bypass has been complete for at least two weeks. You can verify this by checking out both ends of it – at its start on Lahainaluna Road and the end at Hokiokio Road.

So why aren’t we able to use it? Can it be that those in charge neglected to construct adequate turning lanes at the intersection of Hokiokio Road and Honoapiilani Highway? As it is now, once the bypass is opened, traffic on both roads will be gridlocked at that stoplight because only a few cars will fit on the short turning lanes there.

Also, at the north end of the bypass where Keawe Street meets Honoapiilani Highway, the only large, painted turn arrows are at the intersection. These cannot be seen if there is any traffic ahead of you on this road. So you can be unsure which lane you should be in.

Tourists taking the bypass who are unfamiliar with the three lanes at Honoapiilani Highway will be uncertain which lane they should be in and will certainly cause chaos or accidents.

There should also be large turn arrows painted on Keawe Street about 50 yards from Honoapiilani Highway to reduce this confusion.

Stephen Potter