Trash collectors leave ugly mess in their wake

Bravo to a May 28 letter writer for her letter about Maui trash trucks.

I live Upcountry, where every week I make picking up after Maui trash collectors part of my dog-walking routine. Not only do I watch them spew litter back down the mountain, but they will actually dump a trash can over and leave it lying in the middle of the road, broken glass and all for cars to drive over.

Why would a company allow their employees to do this? More importantly, what happened to the days when an individual took their job seriously and had pride in doing a job well? Shame on you, Maui trash collectors, for not respecting our aina.

Also, hooray for the May 28 letter “Human beings are created with varying traits.” Very well said. Thank you for that insight. May all the readers in every walk of life take it to heart seriously.

Teresa K. NoBear