Violating the laws of nature has consequences

Whether you believe in God or not, everyone has a conscience and the dignity of man and the laws of nature, which ensure survival, must be considered when forming that conscience. Like with any law, when they are broken, there are consequences.

Contraception, homosexual sex, abortion, intrinsic evils which contradict nature’s laws all have consequences.

The fruits of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, promiscuity, divorce, self-indulgent sex, etc., which, along with nature’s laws, affect the dignity of people have consequences.

Broken homes, broken hearts, broken spirits. The result (consequence) is low self-esteem, an increase in drug and alcohol abuse, higher suicide rates and more mental illness.

There are physical consequences. Contraception and abortion have been linked to breast cancer. Abortion has been shown to be devastating emotionally to the mother. Not only is a baby killed, but the mother can end up being sterile or killed as well. Then there are sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, the list goes on and on.

Not following the laws of nature causes the family unit to be destroyed and with that comes the breakdown of society. If we continue to violate the laws of nature, we are condemning ourselves. Through our laws, which reflect our values, America has embraced the culture of death.

History repeatedly shows that when a nation ignores or misconstrues intrinsic truths, it eventually crumbles.

Mary Mishima